Changelog 1.9.645 [9th of September, 2022]
Created by Maaxxxii 22 days ago
- Fixed ArenaPvP queue

- Now in Sotw partners can now invite their faction without limitations
- Added Anti FallTrap
- Added Anti Bard
- Added /schedule to show all events in the week
- Now when players leave the spawn they will not see the npcs and holograms
- Added Regen faction after raid

- Added NPC's to the Lobby
- Added Holgrams
- Added 2vs2 Ranked
- Added That you need to win 10 Unranked Matches before you will be able to join Ranked Queues
- Added that when you hit someone with the Queue Sword in Lobby, it sends a Duel Request
- Added that you are on an invisible horse while the Match is starting
- Added Lunar Client titles, when the Match is starting
- Added Glass Border to UHC Ladders
- Added that you are able to Break the Map(HCFTrapping, UHCTrapping, UHC Ladders, SkyWars)
- Added Lunar Client titles, when you won/lost a Match
- Added CPS Limiter
- Added Boxing Team Mode
- Added Lunar Client Team Tags for Party's
- Added Elo Range(only accessible for Donators)
- Changed Match starting countdown to 5s
- Changed Unranked Matches Scoreboard
- Changed Ranked Matches Scoreboard
- Changed Party Scoreboard
- Changed Spectator Scoreboard
- Changed Match Ended Scoreboard
- Changed max. Ping for Ranked Ladder from 150 to 200
- Fixed Health Scoreboard
- Fixed CaveUHC
- Fixed Match Pages
- Fixed /compare
- Fixed /matchhistory
- Fixed CPS Limiter(Option Disabled)
- Fixed Match Tablist
- Fixed Lobby Scoreboard
- Fixed Ladder Type Queues
- Fixed that CaveUHC Matches are not starting
- Fixed Boxing Ladder issues
- Fixed Boxing Scoreboard
- Fixed Armour Damage for FinalUHC Ladders
- Fixed that you can go outside the Border in UHC Ladders
- Fixed Party Split
- Fixed NPC's
- Fixed that the Ranked Queue GUI closes, when you queue for a ladder
- Fixed HCTeamFights
- Fixed the holograms, which appear while the match is starting
- Disabled the Ladders Combo, BedWars and NetherUHC until further notice
- Started Working on an event system
- Started working on a custom ladder system

- Added Nether Meetup
- Added Punch 2 Bow
- Added Fire Resistance Potion
- Added Lunar Titles
- Fixed Nether Meetup
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