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Hey Guys, today we would like to talk about some things we changed, added or removed in UHC!

Bug Fixes
Well, we have fixed a lot of bugs in UHC and general problems during a UHC.
You will see more information about bug fixes in #changelogs soon!

📜 Rule Update
We have changed some rules regarding UHC!
All detailed rules and rule changes you can read here
New rule no. 12 **
Sacrificing yourself for other players will from now on be punished with a 7 day ban + stats reset. The player who accepted the sacrifice will be deathbanned from now on!
So if you are streaming, it is best to use a coords blocker, so that your stream viewers can no longer see your coords!

⚔️ New Scenarios
We have been working on some new scenarios during the last week and we will start hosting them soon.
Among the new scenarios are SkyHigh, SuperHeros, Airdrops, BareBones, Gone Fishing, Meetup, RiskyRetrieval, Switcheroo and more! :upside_down:
There will also be a unique scenario added soon, which will completely change the game experience in UHC and make it much more fun and let the community connect and interact with each other more. However, there will be a separate announcement for this scenario/update soon! :crazy_eyes:

💻 New Commands
We have now also added a new command with which you can rate the UHC you have just played (/rate).
For those who are looking for a fight in a UHC, after PvP has been activated, we have now added the command /fight. This command will send a message to the public chat with your coordinates and a message that you are looking for a fight.

⛏️ Oldschool 5.0 UHC
We have now also added a UHC server via region with 5.0 Caves.
The first public Oldschool UHC with 5.0 Caves will take place next Saturday at 21 UTC on na-uhc-03.
The winner of this game will receive a $10 GiftCard for our store and the Battle Rank for 30 days!

We are also currently looking for more hosts to maximise the number of games per region per day.
For the UHC Staff Members we have now added a small payout (
$60 PayPal**) to motivate them to host actively,
which will be paid out at the end of the first UHC Season (in 6 weeks) to the best and most active UHC Host.

Thanks for reading through!

Maaxxxii, Owner of Battle Network
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