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Created by Maaxxxii 23 days ago
I'm happy to announce that we will be opening a 4 week BETA in NA ArenaPvP tomorrow at 2 PM EST // 6 PM UTC!

🇪🇺 EU Arena will then also come with the comeback of UHCHub UHC! There will be more information about this soon! 👀

⚔️ ArenaPvP Information
As already mentioned, this is a BETA Season. Nevertheless, there will be a payout of $50. ArenaPvP offers a mix of the most played and most competitive ladders. We have spared no effort to design them as well as possible and to make improvements to the ladders.

What may be unusual for some of you is that we only have one queue item. There you can choose between Ranked and Unranked ladders and also queue for several ladders at the same time! Each ladder also has a specific type, which makes it possible to queue for all ladders with the same type.

So much for the queues. There are several other features, but I will only go into 4 more things in this announcement, otherwise it would go beyond the scope of the announcement.

Tournament & Event System
We have also already made the tournament system accessible for only donor ranks. The tournament system is still quite simple, as it is only in beta so far. More things will be added and tested with you in the course of the beta. The same applies to events, which are not yet accessible to anyone, as we do not yet feel able to test them publicly. There will also be updates on these in the course of the beta!

🖱️ CPS Limiter
The CPS limiter is an idea of ours. On many other servers, there is always one half that is in favour of a CPS limit and the other half that is against it.
The CPS limiter should solve both problems.
Means, you can easily set in your settings on Arenapvp if you want to join with CPS limiter, without CPS limiter or if you don't care if you join with or without CPS limiter in ranked queues.

Ranked Ladders
In Ranked, there will be a total of 11 ladders. The ladders FinalUHC, BuildUHC, NoDebuff, HG, SG and Archer count towards the Global ELO. The ladders CaveUHC, HCFTrapping, UHCFTrapping, BedWars and SkyWars will also be ranked, but will not count towards the global Elo!

💰 Payouts
Finally to this announcement, I would like to talk about the payouts!
Global Elo Rewards
🥇 #1: $25 PayPal
🥈 #2: $15 PayPal
🥉 #3: $10 PayPal

Reward via Ranked Ladder
🥇 #1: 30d Battle Rank
🥈 #2: 30d King Rank
🥉 #3: 3d Master Rank

👀 See you tomorrow at 2 PM EST / 6 PM UTC on ArenaPvP!

Maaxxxii, Owner of Battle Network
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22 days ago