Battle Network | UHC Season I & UHCHub X Battle
Created by Maaxxxii 3 months ago
Today we would like to announce that UHCHub is now officially part of the Battle Network!

UHCHub X Battle Trailer:

To celebrate that, we will host a small UHC with our partners today(Only partners will be whitelisted)!
I will post all stream links in 2h

We will host the first test UHCs on Sunday. There will be more information on this tomorrow!

UHC Season I will then start on 08/04/2022 and end on 17/06/2022!
Further information on when exactly the UHC Season I will start next Friday will be published in the coming days.

UHC Season I Rewards
Top Elo #1: $100 + $25 Store Credit + King+ Rank
Top Elo #2: $50 + $15 Store Credit + King Rank
Top Elo #3: $25 + $10 Store Credit + Master Rank
Top Kills #1: $10 Store Credit + King Rank
Top Wins #1: $10 Store Credit + King Rank
Highest Killstreak: $10 Store Credit + King Rank

The Champions Game will take place on 17/06/2022!
The winner will get $10 + Champions Rank!
6k2: Damn... Im so fucking hyped. 🥵
3 months ago