Battle Network | UHC Update & Price Pool UHC
Created by Maaxxxii about 2 months ago
We have another weekly UHC update for you with another $25 Price Pool UHC!

The $25 Price Pool UHC and the UHC Update will take place again on Friday at 5:30 PM EST // 21:30 UTC!
For more information checkout our Match Page -

➡️ Changes (The entire update will go live on Friday!)
● As announced from the beginning, we have made changes to the knockback in UHC, because as I said, the knockback was handled differently on uhchub! Now it should be perfect! This includes better knockback in general and Rod-knockback was also adjusted!
● Added Oldschool as Game Type. This means 5.0 Caves + max. 1-4 Scenarios
● Added Player-Based shrinking
● Added that players do not get any lava or fall damage until PvP, so that new UHC players can cope better.
● Added that if two players go into Nether at Plus, Plus Coordinates, that they will come out at the same Nether Portal, so there will be more Nether fights from the start
● Changed NA-Meetup-08 & NA-Meetup-09 to To2 Meetup

You can find more information and changelogs in #📌┃changelogs!

🛎️For the upcoming HalloWeen Update you can surely send suggestions in #💡┃suggestions!

🥳 In celebration regarding the update, we are hosting a giveaway in #🎁┃giveaways!
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