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📯 Today I would like to inform you, as announced, about Season II & about the UHC Stats.

➡️ Season II
We had planned to release Season 2 this week.
However, in the last 2 weeks a lot of things happened in the admin internal area that have an impact on the release date.
These things were only positive things. So don't worry, these things that have happened will change a lot of battle into the positive and make battle even better.
I don't want to say what exactly will happen yet, because we need some time to implement our new plans first.
So we have decided to take some time to get everything ready for Season 2.

We will reveal sneak peeks and information about the Season II release in the coming days/weeks and also tell you the release date as soon as possible! :eyes:

⛏️ UHC & Caves

Now once again regarding UHCs! We have planned a last "small" update for this season, which we would like to release next week on Friday.

We have now decided to add 6.0 Caves to the 5.0 and 5.5 Caves!
This means that on NA-UHC-05 and NA-UHC-06 there will be 6.0 Caves from now on.

We have also revised the 5.5 Caves again, because people complained that the rates are TOO LOW!
You won't have to wait much longer for EU UHC, we are already working on it! It won't take too long, then you can expect daily EU UHC's from 11-19 UTC (9 UTC too, but only on weekends).

⚔️ ArenaPvP
Now for the long awaited ArenaPvP!
In the coming days/weeks we will bring you little sneak peaks of our ArenaPvP and give you a little insight into what ArenaPvP will be like!
We have been working on this game mode for a really long time, so be curious! :eyes:

We plan to release ArenaPvP very very soon(EU & NA)!
There will be also a high Season Payouts (PayPal) for our first ArenaPvP Season!

More information will be coming next week, so stay tuned! :crazy_eyes:
The first partners for ArenaPvP will also be announced in the coming week.

🏹 PvPCommunity
Some of you might have seen it already, @Maaxxxii#2572 & @Kowta#2845 have been working on a small side project which will consist of events on Battle Network.
There will be a $400 UHC, which has already been announced on twitter(EU & NA) :eyes:
There will also be events/specials on ArenaPvP, but @Kowta#2845 will give you a little overview and explain more about that in the coming week!

🌐 Website
Our website hasn't really been used for announcements much for quite some time now and you can't even register anymore since about 6 weeks. This will work again in the coming days and we have also designed a cool feature for our website, which you will surely like and celebrate! :eyes:

🔴 All this is coming in the next days/weeks, so make sure to checkout #sneak-peeks sometimes and also feel free to subscribe to the @Poll role in the #auto-role channel, as there will be some community polls regarding UHC, HCF and ArenaPvP coming soon!

📈 Season Statistics so far

❤️ After 3 months online, we almost reached 1000 players online yesterday and a big thank you for that. ❤️
📦 We will post a big giveaway as a thank you soon! 🥳

📈 _On the design you get a few insights into our statistics! _

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