Changelog 1.9.677 [11th of September, 2022]
Created by Maaxxxii 19 days ago
- Added /playtime
- Added Match Starting/Ending Titles
- Added Requeue Item
- Changed Pro Match starting Message
- Fixed Cobble Stone in HCF/UHCF - Trapping Ladders
- Fixed Party Announce
- Fixed Kit Editor NPC
- Fixed /matchhistory
- Fixed /currentmatches
- Fixed that players match themselves
- Fixed Ender Peal Cooldown
- Fixed Arena Selector
- Fixed that you can go from ranked to unranked queue gui while queuing
- Fixed Ghost Matches
- Fixed Team Fights
- Fixed ranked matches starting issues
- Fixed CPS Limiter Queue
- Fixed Match Page Error
- Fixed Win Streak NPC
- Fixed UHCF-Trapping Ladder(Added Blocks & Abilities and fence gates can now only be opened by the trapper)
- Fixed DesertBase HCFTrapping Map
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